Thursday, June 2, 2011

Introducing Miramar Beach

Still awaiting to get discovered is a beauty up in the north – Miramar Beach. If you are up for a roadtrip or a pilgrimage in Ilocos Sur’s historic churches or just want to take a look at what more this province can offer, go offroad into one of the local pride- Miramar Beach. This untouched and untamed piece of nature is located in the western portion of Magsingal, a small town in northern Ilocos Sur.
The northern Ilocos Region is slowly making its name as a destination for beach lovers, the most famous being Pagudpud in Ilocos Norte, and the surfing destination- San Juan in La Union.  Though Miramar Beach doesn’t have the white sand that well-known Philippine beaches have, it is a beauty in its own with its fine sand and spacious beachfront, unlike the rugged and rocky beaches in the southern part of Ilocos Sur.

People also come here to do beach football or just enjoy a dip in its inviting waters. This place is definitely not for the social animal but only for those who yearns for peace and quiet or just need to enjoy the sand, the water, and the soft breeze. Laze around or walk through the length of the entire beach. Enjoy the calmness and serenity of the sunset. Camp out and fire up that bonfire for a superb beach camp experience.

Miramar Beach is known only mostly to the locals in Magsingal and neighboring towns as they come here in the summer to do outings and parties. But it is slowly gaining recognition because Miramar is poised to be developed as a football capital in northern Luzon, thanks to Vgent, a foundation that spearheaded the development of football in this small coastal village. Catch one of those exciting football games in the summer in this slowly but surely rising football center in Ilocos (football photo courtesy of Fel Gorospe).

Miramar also boasts its fresh and delicious “tilapia” everyone should try. Their secret to this -they grow their tilapias in running rivers where fresh water flows. Ask the locals on where to get fresh tilapia if you plan to grill some for your picnic or may simply want to take some on your way home.

GREAT FOR: Swimming, camping, picnicking, sports events (beach football, beach volleyball)
TIPS: Miramar is not a commercial area but a rural one; it doesn’t have formal inns or hotels yet (as of publication time). For people who want to stay overnight or longer, they should find a host family. Definitely no ATMs. Nearest one is in the provincial capital - Vigan! Tourists are recommended to bring their own picnic food, for there are no stores yet along the beach. But there are sari-sari stores here and there. Bottled water and other drinks can be bought in these stores. Although there are no internet cafes, there are several sari-sari stores with WiFi, ask the store owners for access, for a small charge. 

GOING THERE: Magsingal is about 20 minutes away from Vigan and around 8 hours from Manila. You'll pass by this town if you're going to Laoag in Ilocos Norte. If one should commute from Manila via land travel, take long distance buses - Florida, Farinas, RCJ, or Maria De Leon in Sampaloc Manila or Partas ( in QC and Pasay). I recommend Florida, it has the cheapest rate and has CR. The ride is comfortable enough and doesn't have many stops (only about 2 in the 8-hour travel). It also has a newly-built station along Lacson Ave. solely for its Laoag trips (just across its original station that now caters to non-Laoag trips).

To get to Miramar, a coastal village, it takes about 15 minutes from the Magsingal public market to the beach. Look for Janet's Pharmacy across the municipal public market (the public market is a two-storey building that shows Rang-ay Bank, front). Take the barangay road beside the said pharmacy to go to Miramar Beach (left side if you're coming from Manila). You can also ride tricycle to go there, they are parked just in front of Janet's Pharmacy.

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