Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Loboc River Cruise

Loboc river cruise 5
It was exactly a decade ago when I first visited Bohol, in 2002. Just last month, I had the opportunity to again visit this lovely paradise. Not much have changed in terms of the grandiose river and the rich flora that surrounds it. What I am glad about is how the tourism industry in the province have improved over time. I remember quite vividly that when we boarded the boats for the river cruise, we were just stepping on some stones on the riverside. And the boats were smaller then. Now, they have a designated area for boarding, paved, organized in an orderly fashion, with benches where people can wait for their turn. The area has been developed where there are now souvenir shops and other facilities. I extremely enjoyed the sumptuous buffet lunch we had at the cruise while enjoying a live band serenading us. Back then there were no live bands. Also, there is now an added attraction just floating by the river- a group of locals singing and dancing folk songs aboard a raft. It was fun especially that they invite visitors to dance with them, some tourists got to dance the Tinikling with them.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Royal Princess Larn Luang Bangkok: A Review

Royal Princess Larn Luang Bangkok 4
Highly recommended for its:
Spacious and comfortable room and bed
Great food, lots of food choices
Authentic Thai massage room service
Good location
I immensely enjoyed my stay at the Royal Princess even though during that time, there was a major renovation going on (that was October last year). The room is truly comfortable and spacious enough I can go around dancing. The photos I took of my room speaks for itself. Even under renovation, and I was walking through lobbies that only staff should be passing through, it did not bother me, there was slight inconvenience yes but I did not mind it, I had a great time in this hotel. There is a real good Chinese restaurant and a Japanese one. I had the luxury to order my food without waiting for even a minute (to exaggerate)because it was off-peak season and the hotel is under renovation as I said so there were not many people.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Bohol Bee Farm

Bohol Bee Farm 4 One of the must-see attractions in Panglao Island is the Bohol Bee Farm. It is more than just a bee farm, it is a complete package - they got a bed and breakfast, a restaurant overlooking the sea, and a shopping area for those who want to buy not only the bee farm products but also native Bohol products. Their restaurant offers many organic choices. You can splurge on different flavors of ice-cream - try the malunggay ice-cream, their best-seller. There's also a bakery and you can choose from a wide variety of spreads - honey, malunggay, coriander, and mango. Enjoy their own brew of kape mais or honeyed salabat. If you a nature lover, Bohol Bee Farm is a great choice among the many resorts in Panglao Island.
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