Saturday, May 19, 2012

Royal Princess Larn Luang Bangkok: A Review

Royal Princess Larn Luang Bangkok 4
Highly recommended for its:
Spacious and comfortable room and bed
Great food, lots of food choices
Authentic Thai massage room service
Good location
I immensely enjoyed my stay at the Royal Princess even though during that time, there was a major renovation going on (that was October last year). The room is truly comfortable and spacious enough I can go around dancing. The photos I took of my room speaks for itself. Even under renovation, and I was walking through lobbies that only staff should be passing through, it did not bother me, there was slight inconvenience yes but I did not mind it, I had a great time in this hotel. There is a real good Chinese restaurant and a Japanese one. I had the luxury to order my food without waiting for even a minute (to exaggerate)because it was off-peak season and the hotel is under renovation as I said so there were not many people.
The breakfast buffet at the hotel was really delectable. I love Thai food and it's not true they are mainly spicy food, though I love spicy food.The hotel has great room service for Thai massage - I made sure I get some real Thai massage from a Thai, of course. :) I also give the hotel an "A" for its location because it is very conveniently located near the United Nations (just a few blocks away) and a local market where one can get super delicious and sweet local fruits, and cheap but good quality garments. Ask the hotel staff for the location of the market, if I remember correctly it is just opposite the major road where the hotel is located. There is an overpass one should go through and then a narrow street. I stumbled upon it when I was just walking around the hotel. Royal Princess Larn Luang Bangkok 3 Royal Princess Larn Luang Bangkok 2 Royal Princess Larn Luang Bangkok 6 Royal Princess Larn Luang Bangkok 10 Royal Princess Larn Luang Bangkok 8 I find this pathway on my way to UN relaxing and refreshing because of the rows of trees. It reminds of nice pavements in Tokyo.Royal Princess Larn Luang Bangkok 7 Also, get refreshed with the nice iced coffee they got at a small coffee/snack bar opposite the hotel. I had a nice chat with the owner who told me where to buy this and that. What I like when traveling is being able to meet and chat with locals. You get to know more about the place and the people which makes traveling more worthwhile and rewarding.Royal Princess Larn Luang Bangkok 9


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